Sunday, June 20, 2010

We pack 'em full people :)

I'm a lover of packing weekends chock full (spelling correction made thanks to a grammar catch by my web editor aka my dad) of fun stuff and am so grateful to have people in my life who like to do the same thing and to be living in a place where there is no shortage of fun stuff to do.

I've been having a few specific recipe cravings lately! Do you get these? I've been craving to make honey, vanilla yogurt lately (another Barefoot Contessa recipe - ps - I am watching a DVR'd episode of the barefoot right now and she's making all sorts of different mac'n cheese recipes - I feel another recipe craving comin' on :)). Loverboy has a bag of vanilla straight from Madagascar and he put me in charge of the bag...I could hardly wait to put this yuminnes to work, and so....honey, vanilla yogurt with berries it was for a Saturday afternoon snack.

Ever since we visited Joe's good friends in Salt Lake who make their own bread every week, I've been craving to make my own. And so, loverboy and I went out and bought a super fun, red Dutch Oven this weekend and made our first loaf of bread together! Simple whole wheat and simply delicious! I can't wait to experiment with some more recipes!

We made the dough around 3pm and set it aside to rise and then made our way out the door for a date night...oooh and what a date night it was!

Caipirinhas and Anjo de Hibiscus at Pampas - a Fabulous Argentinian Steak House in PA.

The mixed grill platter - holy delicious! (I was completely vegetarian today after that meat overload :)).

And of course, no date night is complete without Dessert - we stopped at Fraiche - love this place and their practically good for you desserts! I had chocolate with ooo-la-lee berry puree! Loverboy had natural fro yo with raspberry puree! Double deelish!

When we woke up on Sunday morning the dough was lookin' pretty beautiful, we added a little flour and rolled it around a little and then spent a glorious Sunday morning reading and drinking...

Philz chai tea and of course a cuppa coffee for Loverboy.

When we got home the dough looked like this. Gorgeous!

After just 45 minutes in the oven - it came out a bronzed beauty (Isn't the red dutch oven adorable too!?!)

We sliced it up and ate it with jam and butter while it was all steamy! Kat, Laura and Linds - I'll bring a loaf to brunch this weekend! I was so excited about it, I have another batch of dough rising away on the counter as we speak. My sister gets to town tomorrow and I want to have some to share with her!

Look out world, this bread making thing could become an obsession!


Anonymous said...

yummy! i have yet to make it pampas. can't wait to hear about it. and that bread looks divine. can't wait to try it AND meet your sister! :)

Blake Bunch said...

Sarah! You and I were definitely on the same wave length this weekend!!! Minus the fun and fancy outings :) I was all inspired to make new things! Last night I made "magic ice cream" with no ice cream maker and refried beans from scratch! What can I say my kiddos love a bean and cheese burrito. :) I would love your bread recipe!!! It's so hard to find healthy bread without all of the garbage in it. Oh and I LOVE the dutch oven and am super envious of your town!!!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Mmm! Homemade bread! My mom used to make homemade and you have just reminded me that I need to do the same! It sounds and looks delish!

And, as for the mac n' cheese thing, I went through a period after having the best mac n' cheese at the Press in Napa that I tried about a dozen recipes...Danny makes the best! He says it is his "secret."

I love your weekends! They are sooo romantic! You've got a good thing going on my friend!