Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road trips are for lovers...

Loverboy and I might be a little crazy to willingly put in three 11 + hour driving days over a span of 5 days, but I've gotta tell ya - the hours seemed like mere minutes to me - I could have spent another 100 hours sitting next to loverboy, readin' Anna K. out loud, holdin' his hand, listening to him harmonize (I think he's adorable when he does that!).

This road trip was pretty darn special to me because, well if you didn't already know it (prepare for sap) I'm just head over heels for loverboy and I have to say that getting to spend 5 straight days together was just blissful. AND, seeing him in his beloved desert homeland with his brothers and sister, mom and dad and good friends was positively heart warming and made me fall even deeper for him.

Despite our 35 hours on the road, we still managed to fit in lots of fun - **sleepover in Salt Lake with two of Joe's good college friends, who I must say are living the dream. They have a huge garden, their own vines of hops for homemade beer, chickens for fresh eggs and a cozy, quaint home that they have been fixin' up and pouring all their hearts into. **Hike to Delicate Arch in Arches, **witnessing a Desert rain storm, **driving through Monument Valley at sunset, **morning "challenge course" with the whole fam, **lime drinks, **homemade guac, carne asada, slow cooked jerk chicken, **hikes among aspens, **free photo lessons from Joe's brother, **Joe's mom's blueberry crumble cake **


Hanna's Mommy said...

AWESOME!! I didn't know that your road trip was leading you to Salt Lake!

Danny and I did that shortly before our pre-Hana days and it was the best trip we've ever had! There is nothing ike two lovers on a road trip. Talk about quality time! And in the process I actually fell in love with S.L.! Great city and the Temple is off-the-charts beautiful!

So glad you had a blast!

Blake Bunch said...

WOOOHOOO!!!! Oh I was so excited to see some footage of the romantical road trip!!!!

You two are so adorable!!!! I am dying to go on a trip to Salt Lake one day! I have heard some fabulous things about it!!!


Anonymous said...

looks amazing! and awwww. you and joe are cute. too cute. :)