Monday, June 7, 2010

i heart where I live...

Where else can you be a Sunset Magazine groupie on Saturday and then on Sunday trek to an antique flea market with the skyscape of the bay bridge and the transamerica building in the background?!

I'm late, I'm late for my weekly, weekend wrap up! I have good excuses though- the weekend was just so chalk full of fun stuff that there just wasn't adequate time to dedicate to blogging it yes, it's a few days late but here is a little sneak peak into last weekend.

Here's Kat and I waving hello from the Sunset celebration cooking stage where we camped out all Saturday afternoon watching 4 different chefs do their thing. I am now inspired to make some summer smoothies and grilling sauces and also to refer to cayenne pepper as "red love" as Aaron from Food Network's "Big Daddy" does and also to use my thumb fat to determine what a rare, medium-rare, medium and well done steak should feel like.

Laura picking out fabulous strips of fabric at the Alameda Flea Market - perfect fabric flower making material dontcha think?! Craft day girls!!!

This funny globe is now in my apartment (I haggled it down from 20 to 12 dollars - my bargain hunting mother would be proud!) - I've gotta little thing for maps - and as Kat pointed out, now I can play the globe game. You know, the game where you put your index finger on the globe and then spin it - and THEN fly to wherever the globe stops underneath your fingertip.

Oh and my other love affair is with bottles and jars - I bought two of 'em - one now holds a single pink rose and the other holds a little cluster of lavender :).

Kat is practically in an alphabet soup here! How fun is that?! She bought letters to spell out Bath :).

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ha! alphabet soup! that is SO true.