Thursday, February 4, 2010

Songs of the day...

Good Directions

Say it Right

Inspiration Credit goes to my lovely bloggie friend Sadina. My cup runneth over with the gratitude I feel for having met Sadina and Lisa through our blogging. I know it might sound crazy - I have never met either of these women but I feel so strongly connected to both of them through the stories that we share on our blogs. I so look forward to the day I get to meet both of them in person - but until then my heart is over joyed at having received a lovely CD (which while listening to, I kept thinking - I LOVE THIS song) and a hand written note - it's funny - it's kind of like proof that these women are real which just makes me feel all smiley and light inside.


Hanna's Mommy said...

You are just positively adorable Miss Sarah! The feelings are completely mutual...what a wonderful thing we've found!

And I'm so glad that my handwritten note provided some proof for you! You crack me up!! :)

Blake Bunch said...

Aaaaaawww Sarah you are simply the best! I feel the exact same way!!!