Sunday, February 7, 2010

Next year will you just run with me?

I woke up at 5:30 this morning with way more energy than I ever have on a weekday morning. I held my breath for a moment to listen for rain and guess what??? There was none!! Yay for clear skies to run half marathons under. Packed a little bag, ate a banana and some peanut butter and made my way to Mia's to pick her up so we could head up to the race together. Mia inspired me to run a race again - it's been a few years since I've entered a race and I forgot what a good feeling it is to have a purpose in your training (People are awesome moment #1).

Hey, here is what the moon looked like as I made my way out the door.

(google image photo - mine didn't turn out quite as nice :))

ooooh it made me all jitterry inside - I love early morning moons (I'd like to write a book about the best places to watch the sunset one day - maybe I'll have to add early morning moons to the book too!) - there is something I just love about getting up in the early morning hours to do something fun. On our drive up to the city on the 280 we got to watch the sky turn purple and pink as the sun started to rise and when we reached 19th ave. we were greeted by swirly purply, pink skies and a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bride (I love San Francsico moment #1:).

(google image photo-minus the purply, pink skies)

We found Nick and snapped this pre-race shot before we jumped on a shuttle, pinned on race bibs, attached race chips to our shoes and got offered more than our fair share of Nick's new found love - FRS sport chews to get us energized for the race. Nick always has the latest and greatest running snacks/music mixes to share with Mia and I on our runs (People are awesome moment #2).

(ooooh I cut out mia - it was early okay :))

Starting gun went off right on time and off we were through Golden Gate Park by this building (Conservatory of Flowers - one of my FAV places in SF) (I love San Francisco moment #2),

(google image photo)

through this kind of scenery (I love San Francico moment #3)

There were lotsa callalillies in bloom and I just adore callalillies.
(google image photo)

(google image photo)

all the while chatting about running, biking, inspirational songs, sundance film festivals etc etc etc. Mile 8 energy boost came courtesy of John- Mia's fiance- he made us signs (People are awesome moment #3)!!! And so we mustered the energy to jump up in the air for him for a photo op :). Miles 9-11 I started to feel a little queasy - really queasy actually - like look out people I might throw up right here and right now - but luckily I had an ocean breeze and this view along the Great Highway to keep me going (I love San Francisco soooo much moment #4).

(google image photo)

Nick was giving me lots of verbal encouragement to help me get through it (People are awesome moment #4). There were lovely people handing out water, gatorade, bacon and beer (I love San Francisco moment #5/People are awesome moment #5). I ran side by side with a man with a prosthetic leg for a few minutes and thought hey this stomach ache is really nothing to complain about at all (People are awesome moment #6). By mile 11 I was feeling ready to kick it in and was happy that my urge to loose my insides passed so I could finish strong. Crossed the line in good spirits and the sun still hadn't stopped shining and people were cheering and high fiving and just all around EXUDING positive energy (People are awesome moment #7). oooh and as I crossed the line one of my buddies from my runner's high running group came up and gave me a big hug - he finished in 1:25 maybe I'll ask him to take me on a couple of training runs before my next race :) (People are awesome moment #8).

We had to photograph for proof that we ran and we even rallied our tired legs for a jump shot!

I love Mia and Nick's jump personalities!

So as much as I love sharing all the lovely moments of this race with you in writing, maybe next year, will you just run with me so that we can share all these lovely moments in person? Okay, you go think about it and let me know!

Ooooh and important side note - I got to spend a lovely afternoon with Whit (an SD F4Lie) and Gustavo yesterday in the city and drink yummy chianti wine and eat deeeelish pizza and pasta with them, Katie, Dave and of course loverboy at Tomasso's - my fav. Italian restaurant in the city. (I love SF moment #6/People are awesome moment #9).


Hanna's Mommy said...

You. Are. So. Awesome.

Wow, wow, wow!! I just adore you and your energetic life you lead! Truly, you are one amazing person Sarah! Me? I completely over-ate all weekend long!! Yuck.

Maybe I really really really should join you next year!!!! I will start brewing the idea over!

Great post and thank you for the pick-me-up.

P.S. Fav pic was the quintessential See Sarah Jump! :)

Blake Bunch said...

SERIOUSLY......AWESOME!!!!! I loved every single word and every single picture!!!! I am dying to get my bootie over to Golden Gate park because would you belive as a SF lover and frequenter my whole life...I have never been!!!! You are so inspiring and what a great group you have supporting you!!!

Um, as for the question, I will hopefully be nice and pregnant by next year...but I make a great cheerleader!!! And how bout the year after that? I am in!

Annie said...

I want to run with you!!! I would really like to run a half marathon, but NEVER a full marathon, and I don't really want to train for a half, I just want to start running and eventually reach the "runner's high"... or maybe I should just train :)
What a lovely post! Great job on the run!