Friday, February 5, 2010

Life, you bring me to my knees...

I'm sitting and sipping some honey and tea, listening to my new favorite piano music, discovering the inspiring words and art of Rob Ryan and just feeling overwhelmed with the beauty of life.

I never cease to be amazed by the many small moments of inspiration that life offers up every day. Maybe I am crazy, maybe I am a complete sap, maybe I am a simpleton for being so moved by such small things but whatever I am - I pray that I never lose my ability to see and relish these moments.

If I had the time, I would blog every evening about all the little things that inspire me all day long (thank goodness for twitter - the perfect short and sweet avenue for me to express my mini inspiration strikes throughout the day).

Here's a little list of what inspired me today;
1) The peace of the moonlit morning hours on my walk to the gym.
2) This Video cheezy as it is featuring Will Smith
3) A lovely email from laura with a beautiful line that said something to the effect of, "It was so nice to have you all over last night - my place was warmed by your company." Kind of poetic I thought.
4) This blog entry by 101 Cookbooks - and more specifically the darling picture of the decorative display she created using the word 'Make.' I want to do the same thing one day...decorate with meaningful words. Written words are so powerful to me and one day I just want to be surrounded and swirling amidst them...I started making a list of what words I think I want to use...
fear not
go for it
find beauty
shower them with love
relish the moment
dream (then go for it :)

5) Pablo Neruda love poems like this one

6) Little City Gardens

7) Stopping to admire the mossy sidewalks and listening to stories of what sound like the most beautiful gems ever on a lunch time walk with Lindsey.

8) Discovering Rob Ryan artwork.

May your eyes be open to all the inspiration that is everywhere around you!


Blake Bunch said...

Sarah, I for one am thrilled you are the person that you are!!! I love, and share in, your ability to appreciate the simple things in life!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Beautiful. Well said. Uplifting. Perspective. Gratitude.

"Who am I to be so blessed?" That spoke to me.

I adore and entirely relate with your love of language. Words are both transformative and powerful and I love the image of you 'swirling amidst them.'

Thank you for always helping to keep my eyes open, friend!