Sunday, October 4, 2009

One of my oldest friends....

So one of my oldest friends, Blair, came through town this weekend and like always it was wonderful to see and spend some time with her. Blair and I have known each other since 5th grade!! FIFTH GRADE people! That's a long time, especially since we are quickly becoming old ladies these days! Blair knows ALL about me, my crazy family, we share a lovely little hometown, she probably knows the names of my childhood pets and about all the embarrassing parts of my life, like the hot hair tips club I was in in 5th grade :) or my "I'm Sarah Farber and I'm the barber, I'll cut your gloomy days away" student council speech in 5th grade.

We've got a HUGE treasure chest full of wonderful memories; countless runs and workouts, 3 months of traveling through Europe together and lots of wonderful talks and laughs. I have loved every memory that we have created together and love that we are still able to share so much of our lives, even though we haven't lived in the same city for more than a year since we graduated from high school.

So needless to say I had a blast with Blair (the one with Flare---her slogan for her 6th grade ASB speech). Here are a few pics of our weekend fun :).

Blair and I cheering on our Alma Mater...haha we wish we were that smart :). Oh but wait, UPS is the Harvard of the west, right?

More lovely, lovely Cardinal/neutral Fans!

****I would have inserted a pic here of our dinner with Megan in the city, but I forgot to take any pics, I can't believe it, I blame it on being tired and sunburnt after a day watching football.****

Our delicious blueberry scones at University Cafe...yu --uuuuum! (Oh and a quick side note- we walked by this awesome sports bar FULL of football fans in downtown PA today and it just felt so fall-y and I loved it--think I may need to hit the place up for a game soon!)

A little walk at the Dish.

Blair's pretty good at the jump photo! Not bad for a soccer player :)

Just being silly us.

Pulling out of town in style...who doesn't have a convertible for driving around in the Boise winters :) ?

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