Monday, October 19, 2009

more simple pleasures...

1) seeing an huge rainbow this morning on my way into work -- cute story -- I was driving into work and a man was crossing the street, looking up into the sky and smiling--I thought, this guy looks kind of crazy, what is he doing, I turned around, and there was a beeeautiful rainbow!

2) hearing Stephen Dubner co-author of Superfreakonomics talk about the relationship between the percent of men who wash their hands after they go to the bathroom and global climate change.

3) rocking some hot black fall boots :) They were a little painful, but man they looked good.

4) Pretty walk and park/car dinner picnic with Lindsey.

5) Pumpkin scented em!

6) Coupa Hot Chocolate - next time I am trying the spicy version.

7) being surrounded by idea thinking in the ecosystem of design.

8) the sound of rain on rooftops.

9) blog comments :)

10) Retreat lunch @ work - filet empanadas and mini cheesecakes!

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