Saturday, June 6, 2009

I heart Sunset!

So, yes, as you know, I heart the actual sunset....remember my travel book idea about the best places to watch the sunset around the world, oh yes, that will still happen, even if it's just a mini photo album of my own personal collection....but anyways, I digress :)...

The real reason I am posting is that I have to share how much I heart Sunset, the Magazine and Publisher. I'm not sure that words can truly express how much I love Sunset Magazine. Sometimes when I am reading it, I wish I could just jump into the pages and live in the spaces hey create! I know, I know, I'm 26, not 46, like the typical Sunset reader, call me a granny if you'd like, but I love it. Love the recipes, love the decorating ideas, and once I have my own house one day, I know I'll love the gardening part.

Kat and I at the entrance.

So, today, Kat and I spent the whole day in Sunset Land and let me tell ya, I was on cloud 9! Loved, it, absolutely loved it, everything about it. I didn't want to leave.

I got two free tickets for being on the Sunset Reader Panel and thought of Kat immediately, because she interned there. Kat also scored free tickets for the wine/beer tasting, which was even more awesome.

Posing with our free mugs, which we drank both beer and chardonnay from :).

The day was so perfect, it's almost creepy....We arrived at about 10:15 am, got a great parking spot and then bypassed the long lines to get our free tickets at Will Call and then just waltzed on in.

We spent the day touring the grounds, the vendor booths, test gardens, test kitchens, outdoor kitchens, courtyards etc. For a good 3 hours we camped out at the food/entertainment stage and watched a bunch of chefs cook up a bunch of yumminess.

Kat with our free Sunset bag, isn't it cute!

The seats where we camped for a couple of hours of cooking entertainment.

Our favorite Chef, Joey Altman---hilarious--good avocado tips!

Joey's dish, crab salad stuffed avocado....I can't wait to make it!

We made a chicken spice rub, aren't the colors pretty!?

All in all, it was a beautiful day, spent in a beautiful space, with lots of free food, free drinks, free admission and best of all great company!

I have got to say, this whole happening to land in Menlo Park (just a few miles from the wonderful offices of my beloved Sunset) thing is another one of those things in my life in the past few months that just kind of makes me stand back and have faith that someone upstairs knows what they're doing. I am falling more and more in love with the Menlo Park/Palo Alto area every day.


Blake Bunch said...

No wonder why I love your blog! Sunset Magazine is the best! I chalk it up to me being a total nerd and a quazi senior citizen already! I won't lump you in with my group :)

Looks like your day was fabulous!

Oh and I love Palp Alto/ Menlo Park area too!

Anonymous said...

it was such a fun time with you! :) until next year!