Friday, June 12, 2009

Bringing back Simple Pleasures...

Boy was I out of touch with all the simple pleasures in my life this past week. I can't believe that it's already Friday, I suppose the good thing about work being crazy busy is that it goes by super fast, even when it gives you stress stomach aches, sleepless nights and icky tension head aches...boy do I sound like debbie downer right now.

I really struggled with staying grounded this week. I felt panicky and anxious and well to be blatantly honest, in the big scheme of things, my job just isn't that important and it's definitely not worth getting all worked up over. One day when I die, there will probably be things on my "To Do" list, and you know what, when that happens, the rest of life on Earth is just to keep on going. Here's to remembering that this next week.

So back to the point of this post, the simple pleasures I enjoyed this past week, it's funny how writing them down makes me feel better;

1) Monday Picnic Lunch with Lindsey. It's so nice to have her so close by at work!

2) Tuesday Night Yoga Class. I am becoming more and more addicted.

3) Understanding friends :). Thursday night, Lindsey and I were supposed to see a play. I ended up getting a little sick and not being able to make it. I felt so bad, but Lindsey was completely understanding and even walked over to my office to lend me Eat, Pray, Love (which I LOVE so far) so I could stay home and read and drink OJ and get better.

4) Deeeelish Lemon Blueberry Cake for Pam's bday at the office.

5) Lunch workouts with Jen. She finally got back from business trips in NYC and we got to work out together again this week. I love our lunch workout sessions.

6) Phone call with Mr. Frost, he always makes me feel better.

7) Okay this is a silly one - so I apologize in advance --- Making eye contact with this tall, dark, handsome, smart boy at work. I know, I know how cheezy....I mean it was just eye contact, but what can I say, I'm a girl, and despite the heart break of the past few months, I'm still a hopeless romantic. I think he is a visiting scholar, so I will likely never see him again-- yup, I am right, just googled him ( I know, I know, I am a stalker), he's a harvard boy--bummer.

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Blake Bunch said...

Your honesty is just one of the reasons I love reading your blog! I know we don't know eachother accept in "blog world" but I am so sorry you are stressed! Even sorrier cute boy was a "drifter" :)!

You are super wise in case you didn't know. This is just a season. My bestie always tells me this to shall pass. Believe it or not it helps.