Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drumroll please..

I had the most wonderful start to my day today. I got to work and was getting settled and stopped by my blog to take a look to see if there were any new postings and I had a comment from one of my new blog buddies. She said in her comment that I won and that I should check her blog to see what I won. When I got to her blog, she had given me a Kreativ Blogger award and I was so touched, I started tearing up.

As Lisa said however, this award does not come for free. It comes with a task. List 5 blogs you love and 5 things you love, so it's my turn...

#1 - I have to say that meeting Lisa through the blogosphere has been kind of like being re-connected with an old friend. She has a beautiful family and you can just tell through her writing that she is a joyful and genuine soul. Check her out here...
Blake Bunch

#2 - This next blogger is truly an old friend who I have re-connected with recently. We went to college together, hung out maybe once or twice in a group, went about our lives for the past 5 years and then met up for coffee a couple months ago and have been able to spend more time together recently since we live about 5 minutes away. I'm still getting to know Kat, but I think she has this really wonderful giving, gentle and creative personality. Check her out here...
Dancing Kitchen

#3 - Pioneer Woman
I love this woman's spirit and she has some awesome posts about cooking and photography. She explains her recipes step by step and uses pictures to show how she makes something.

#4 - Have Joy
This is a blog by a girl who I was in a Chorus Group (that her mom created) with when I was a little girl. She has been through a tough divorce recently, but still manages to, as she says on her blog, find beauty even in the painful times. Love this attitude!

#5 - Persisting Stars
I don't know this woman at all and stumbled on her blog sometime last year and immediately felt she was a part of my "circle." She is an amazing photographer and writer.

Okay and now onto 5 things that I love...

1) Mornings. Yes, call me crazy, but I love mornings. There is something so peaceful about the quiet, calm of the morning, the way that the sun shines and feeling like you have the world to yourself while everyone else is sleeping.

2) Big colorful mugs full of the sweet, yummy goodness of Chai Tea.

3) Waking up on a Saturday morning and heading out the door for a run instead of going to work.

4) Blogging, I am addicted.

5) Long, hot showers that wash away the craziness of the day.

Okay there you go folks! Lisa- thanks for the opportunity to share some of my fav. blogs and things I love.


Blake Bunch said...

AAaaaaawww now I am going to cry! I still can't remember how I found your blog! Just that I was recovering from wisdom tooth surgery and was in bed for a couple of days which never happens...and I had some free time to search around. I am so glad I did! I feel like it's recconnecting with an old friend as well!! Someday we will have to meet up in the real world over a steaming cup of Chai :)!

Thanks for a great start to my day! I love your 5 things and could call them all my own accept the running part :)!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

I was just telling my sister yesterday that it would be so fun to meet up one day...and yes over a cup of chai would be wonderful!

dancingkitchen said...

awww thanks sarah! you are too kind - it has been SO GREAT to have you close by. i LOVE it. :)

Blake Bunch said...

It's a date!