Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling better :)

I'm sorry for the icky, negative post the other day, I was feeling pretty down at the moment, but it's kind of funny actually--- how the bad moments always seem to pass, even though at the moment they feel like they will last forever.

I really hate when I get too negative, I know that it's normal to feel down every now and then, but at my core I do believe that there truly is beauty all around us if we only open or eyes to it, and so I don't like it when I forget that.

Today I was once again reminded of one of the beauty of friendship.

One of my best high school friends, Christina wrote me this morning telling me that she and her husband had been talking and that they wanted to fly me out to Boise to hang out with them and two of our other F4Lies who are living in Boise.

Then at lunch today, a co-worker and I worked out together and had a great conversation. I am so grateful for her, she makes me feel understood, and it's really nice to have that at work.

In the past few weeks, my friends and family have been an amazing support for me.

My good college friend, Melissa Watson was here the weekend after everything happened, and has been a constant source of phone support over the past month. As I was looking for a place to live she was emailing me craigslist listings and was always asking about the places I was seeing.

My sister flew up after that and spent an entire weekend just hanging out and keeping me company. She's also been on the phone with me while I sobbed or just felt plain ol' crappy.

The next weekend Blair came to visit and got me out into the city and connected me with a girl we went to high school with, who I think is an absolute sweet heart and she is moving up to San Fran in March :)!

And through all of this, my mom and dad and other friends from home have been there for me, calling to check in and just listening whenever I call and need to chat.

Although this month has been one of the harder ones in my life, today as I was driving home, thinking about all the support family and friends have given me in the past month, I couldn't help feeling anything but completely lucky.

Despite the pain, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for.

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