Monday, October 20, 2008

Setting some goals...

Maybe one of the reasons I am feeling a bit stuck is because I have not actually articulated any goals lately. So I want to get some out there...

1) Look into how to become a teacher for fitness classes. I love to workout and as I get older it seems more and more difficult to find the time to dedicate to working out. If I could teach a class, I would not only get to work out, I would get paid to do it!

2) Pick up studying Japanese again--I think I will start with one day a week. At the moment I think anything more than that is unrealistic.

3) Learn more about HTML and computer languages for building websites.

4) Take MORE pictures.

Oh and by the way, today's song of the day : Ruby>Robots>Ruby by Yonder Mountain String Band is a fun one! And I don't know the band that well, but they might be a fun one to look into if you are looking for some new music.

Have a good Monday people!

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Pipas para la paz said...

you rock sister, i love you!