Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nothing Like Old Friends

Joe and I have been blessed with tons of visitors this past month and the last in the long list were Niki and Ryan. Niki and I have been friends since middle school and have gone through lots of life together! This weekend was the first time we got to hang out with our handsome and funny significant others. They are actually still here :)...I know what kind of host am I!?! ...but we are just relaxing and watching some football after a full weekend and waiting to make yummy homemade pizzas all together. Here are some pics from our weekend together...I hope they tempt you to come visit too!!!! We love having company!!!

Ryan as a "Mainstream Vampire" and Niki as a "Fang Banger"--You've gotta watch True Blood on HBO to get it.

Joe and I decided to sport some funky wigs. Joe chose the mullet, trashy look and I went for the wild and crazy green go go bob.

Our delicious Pumpkin cake dessert.

The four of us kicking off our day in Napa at V. Sattui. Bring on the wine!

Niki with the Gamay Rouge.

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