Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Odd Squad hits it out of the park again!

Have you all had the pleasure of meeting one of my oldest and favorite friends in the world--The Odd Squad??? Well if you haven't, let me tell you, you are definitely missing out!!! I have known this girl ever since elementary school when she asked me one day on the play ground, "Sarah, are you a multi-millionaire?" (She saw my mom on a note pad advertised as a multi million dollar producer--heck judging by the designer clothes I was wearing back then, it would've been easy to mistake me for a multi-millionaire I suppose).

Anyways, shortly after that we became basketball budies, and actually I credit my family with part of Audie's upbringing, what would she have done without the Farber Family Pantry...after all, the only thing to eat at the Ford Ranch was old vitamin C tablets. We sure did mold her into an upstanding citizen, although I credit Tom and Kristina with all of Audie's wild and crazy and just plain silly side.

This blog is dedicated to the Odd Squad not only because she is one of the coolest friends-people you will ever meet--but because she sent me the coolest little present last week.

Drum roll please...........................

Tah Dah

Haha, isn't it great....my very own "I am so Blogging this" Pin!!! I love it and I have been wearing it 24/7 ever since I got it, even to bed!!!

Thank you Audie, you rock and I love you!!!!

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