Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visitors all the way from Japan

Kiyomi and Mitsui on the cable car from Taylor and Hyde to Union Square.

Kiyomi thoroughly enjoying her hamburger at Burgermeister.

Mitsui putting on all the toppings.

Joseph chowing down.

Kiyomi's homemade taco at our Monday night Mexican fiesta!

Mitsui sportin the burrito!

Joe and I had the pleasure of hosting two wonderful women from Japan this past weekend. We are definitely becoming quite the host masters this is what we have /have had on tap...

September 30-31: Josh and Beth from Orange County
October 11-14: Kiyomi and Mitsui from Japan
October 19: Joe's Mom and Sister
October 24 & 25: My Mom and Dad
October 31-November 3: Niki and Ryan from San Diego

I have to admit that as we were preparing for the month, the number of visitors that we had lined up seemed extremely daunting. I am definitely someone who needs her down time and alone time. But much to my surprise, I have been loving playing host and hostess with Joe!

I think it really helps that Joe is so wonderful with people and genuinely loves having company and showing people a good time. When I am alone, I get so stressed out about making sure that everything goes perfectly, but with Joe by my side I just feel so much more relaxed. I love that he loves entertaining!

So, we had a blast with Kiyomi and Mitsui--two high school music teachers from Japan. We showed them around the city and ate lots of yummy food. It was a blast getting to share our culture and getting to hear their thoughts and see their reactions to everything we did and saw.

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Pipas para la paz said...

kiyomi and Mitsui are so cute!! hehe I wasn't expecting that! LOVE YOU!