Wednesday, February 6, 2008

nows and laters and paisleys

i pulled out an old book of mine today that I never completely finished...Einstein's dreams. It's an imaginary collection of what the author thought Einstein might have been daydreaming about while he was developing his theory of relativity.

i read the chapter 9 june 1905. in this particular dream, einstein is thinking about two types of people that would exist in the world if people lived forever---nows and laters.

The laters believe that since life is infinite there is no need to rush anything, not studying, not working, not getting promoted, not falling in love or getting married or having a family.

The nows think that with infinite life they can do everything they want to do, have as many careers as they like, marry as many times as they like, go back and forth in their personal ideas and philosophies etc etc etc.

The chapter goes on to discuss how in a world where life is infinite, the thing that these two types of people have in common is that they forever live in the shadows of their undying relatives and the implications this causes (you'll have to read this one yourself if you want to know what is said about this situation.

I stopped paying attention after the explanation of the nows and laters. I started comparing myself to the two and trying to decide which one I thought I was and whether or not there can really be a straight line drawn between the two types.

I have tendencies of both the nows and laters---i'm a later because I love nothing more than sitting idly in a coffee shop with a cup of chai tea and my journal and spending hours upon hours contemplating and reflecting about nothing that will ever advance me socially, financially, professionally etc. I'm a now because there are days when I feel like there are a million and one things I want to do with my life and I just can't get started on all of my life to do list soon enough. I wonder what I would be if life was in fact infinite.

Okay enough of my type later rambling....

on to another laters tangent...

I indulged my love for paisley designs today. I can't say I am a fan of paisley prints on clothing, but I have to say on paper I think it is a pretty ingenious design. I am crazy. They really are wonderful though, all swirly and bohemian and dreamy. I google imaged paisley prints today because I wanted to draw some on a label I was making. I found out that the paisley pattern likely originated in India, I knew that there were more reasons than just the amazing chai and history of buddhism in india that attracts me so much to it.

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