Monday, February 4, 2008

a birthday celebration

joe's birthday was today so we had a weekend full of mini celebrations together. i made joe a sign at school on Friday and hung it up in the entryway of our apartment and we kicked off the weekend on friday night with a surprise, romantic, candle lit dinner and some Asti (damn good sparkling wine!--like sparkling cider with a little kick).

saturday joe had to work, pobresito, so I had a double layer funfetti cake with vanilla frosting (his favorite) waiting for him when he returned.

sunday started out as a bit of a disaster but turned into a wonderful day. A few weeks ago I reserved a harley davidson motorcyle for us to ride around the city, but unfortunately, we no longer live in sunny and warm southern california and the rainy, cold weather put a damper on those plans. I made a last minute change and rented an SUV for us to ride around thinking Joe would like that because he loves cars and especially, much to my chagrin, big cars. When I told him our plan on the way up to San Francisco, he told me that he thought we could have just as much fun touring around the city without spending the money on the car. I was a little hurt because I had put so much time into planning this and had put aside the other gift idea I had (a juicer) and I could tell Joe wanted the juicer more than the car rental. So, long story short, and a few tears on my part later (I know I am a sensitive girl) we cancelled the rental and went to Costco to get a juicer and then spent the day taking a beautiful and very scenic drive up to Point Reyes National Park. It was wonderful. And Joe was right, we didn't need to spend the money on a big, fancy car in order to enjoy it all. Here are some pictures from the day. The ultimate destination on our journey was the Point Reyes Lighthouse. Unfortunately it was so windy that they closed the stairs down to the light house, but the views over the ocean were well worth the drive! The light house happens to be located at one of the windiest points on the Pacific Coast. The trees up there have done a fabulous job of adapting (see picture below).

We ended the day with a pizza dinner from one of Joe's favorite local pizza places. It was delicious---we had a medium half meat, half veggie pizza---very representative of our opposites attract relationship.

This morning I made a birthday breakfast for Joe---oat bran chocolate chip pancakes and apple smoked bacon. It was delicious if I do say so myself!!!

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