Thursday, February 7, 2008

my circle

so recently decided to start "collecting" people and personalities who inspire me or whose ideas align with my developing ones---i guess i am creating a mini community for myself because in my incessant soul searching i feel a bit closer to finding my authentic voice when I find someone who has more concisely and eloquently communicated the thoughts that exist in my head but only manage to come out of my mouth in a bowl full of mush :).

the people that are in my circle so far; khalil gibran, rainer maria rilke, the author of storypeople, amy tan and today's latest addition...a woman named Sarah Susanka. She is an architect who wrote a book called "The Not So Big House." Here is a link to her website...

My favorite part of her website is a section called "Sacred Places." in college i started putting a lot of thought into the way I decorated my room because I wanted my room to be a sanctuary for me. In general I believe in creating small sanctuaries in our lives as a place to go to to rejuvenate, recharge and be inspired. Call me crazy but my living space is really important to my mental well being and sanity and I am so excited to find someone out there who has put these thoughts and feelings into words.


bonieu said...

As part of my duties at Susanka Studios, I am delighted to discover readers who are enjoying the works of Sarah Susanka.

I was struck this morning by the synchronicities of your interests with Sarah's. Like you, she spent time in Japan enjoying the beauty and design, and in fact, has a gateway similar to that you show in your lead photo in her private garden. A 'sacred space' for inspiration and contemplation.

You might enjoy discovering the community and resources available at our sister site, In particular, Sarah suggests other written works similar to those you are fond of in the Resources: Suggested References section. And, there are many more Community Forum members with whom you might explore the weaving of beauty and life design into life experiencing.

We'd love to have you join us. Thank you for the lovely words.

Barb @Susanka Studios

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

I am thrilled beyond words to hear back from someone actually involved with the NOT So Big Life and House projects. Thank you for taking he time to respond. I have joined the community forum and am excited to see who I will meet and what kinds of conversations I will have!!

I took a look at the website an the suggested references and was excited by it all! I really love rumi too who Sarah Susanka seems to quote frequently.

Thanks again for your response!