Sunday, March 13, 2011


I do not have adequate words to express the sadness I felt on Friday as news of the earthquake in Japan began to unfold. Having lived in Japan for a year, my heart sank a little further on Friday morning as my thoughts turned to my friends there.

I found this article at some point during the day and very much appreciated the sentiments it conveyed - Sympathy for Japan, and Admiration.

Joe and I spent our morning getting an earthquake survival kit together. We included the following:
Band aids
Sterile Gauze
Anti-bacterial wipes
contact solution
extra pair of contacts
2 gallons of water
2 cans of tuna
2 cans of beef soup
2 cans of chef boyardee ravioli
change of clothes
document with emergency contact numbers
copy of photo id

We both have blankets and rain coats in our car as well as a stash of water and first aid supplies. (Let me know if you think we are forgetting anything :)). Here is a good link in case you are interested in making sure your emergency kit is up to par - Survival Kit

I will be sending so much white light to Japan as they begin to pick up the pieces in the coming weeks.

May Japan's spirit of resilience shine brightly.


Anonymous said...

good work team. i should probably get stocked on our kit.

Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

Oh Sarah, I am so moved that you did this! I love you for it! My heart is breaking too, and I feel like nobody thinks it could happen here. So many have already forgotten. :(

I have an addition for you...a battery operated radio...and a cell phone charger that is solar powered.. :)