Sunday, May 9, 2010

it's the small things and they're absolutely everywhere...

In loving and beautiful moms like mine.

In not just one but TWO grandmas!!

Aren't they absolutely lovely?

In the sweet simple touches that make an evening with friends even more delightful.

In the back yard at a picnic table surrounded by good friends.

In relaxing around a camp fire.

In late afternoon sunlight pouring through blankets of green leaves.

and trunks of soaring eucalyptus trees.

In the joy of a walk in the woods with someone you love. (Photo credit to Laura :)).

In the culinary creativity of a tea leaf Salad at Burma Superstar

and the bright, cheery yellow of a refreshing mango lassi.

In people to share good meals with.

In nurturing something to grow (Joe's lovely and delicious sweet peas).

Laura's Zucchini.

In signs that make ya smile.

In long arm photos.

In patterns created by Nature.

In the perfume scented air of rose gardens.

In the palette of colors in food.


Anonymous said...

love it! :)

laura said...

Me too!

Blake Bunch said...


Blake Bunch said...

It's me again! Happy friday Sarah!!!!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Lisa - I missed that last comment last Friday! You're such a sweetie!