Sunday, May 23, 2010

dressin' up, book clubbin' and gettin' crafty

Weekend Highlight Reel #2,796:

Loverboy and I got all gussied up on Saturday afternoon and hit up the first wedding of the 2010 summer wedding season.

It was flippin' freezing at the garden reception so we came home and stood in front of the heater and made a big pot of chicken noodle soup.

Sunday morning Joe was up with the chickens and out the door on his way to Tahoe while I slept away peacefully, storing up all my energy for a book club/CRAFTERDAY with the girls.

Lindsey is the master blender and helped me paint this canvas for my living room - it's not quite done yet, I'll take a pic of the final and post it as soon as it's ready.

Kat sanded and painted this adorable chair a lovely blue.

Lindsey mixing paints in pursuit of the perfect greens ;).

The aftermath.

Laura recording all SIX books we have read together and our 5 word book tweets about each.

Lindsey made us dinner! Fiesta salad and deelish Mushroom quesadillas!

What we've read so far :). Next up Anna Karenina.

***Have I told you already how lucky I feel to have a group of girlfriends to get together and talk about books and create beautiful things with? I love that we love to read and learn about new things together and then share our thoughts about what we read and how it relates to our lives and I love the creative energy that we share and encourage in one another.


Blake Bunch said...

Sarah! What an adorable picture of you and lover boy! I love your weekend and all the craftiness and reading is right up this girls alley!!!

kat said...

love it!

Blake Bunch said...

I just have to say again how adorable you are! I love your dress!

Hanna's Mommy said...

Sarah! You are so beautiful! Lovin' the dress and my, oh my, what a cute couple you two make! There's nothing like weddings. Sadly, I had to miss the first one of the season a couple weeks ago. :(

Okay, and that crafty/book thing you girls have going on is to-die-for! I may be slightly jealous except for the fact that I can't be because I know how much you truly appreciate and value what you have. Now, if you took it totally for granted, then I might be a smidge jealous! :)