Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling so grateful, I could... cartwheels!

ooooh and I think loverboy might feel the same way :).

Another lovely weekend in the bay, here is the highlight reel....

1) Yoga Teacher Training - Did I tell you that I got to lead my Monday lunch time yoga class last week? I did! And did I tell you that it absolutely made me feel so alive? Well it did! I could gush on and on about the ways that practicing yoga has changed my life in the past year - how it's opened my body physically and somehow simultaneously opened my mind and heart in ways that I never experienced pre-yoga practicing. I don't know exactly what it is about simple stretching and breathing that creates such a refuge for me - but all I know is that after each and every yoga class I take, I leave feeling just a bit more and ease and a bit more grateful and a bit more open to life and whatever it brings my way. I have so much gratitude for the teachers that I take classes from and feel as though their instruction is this incredible gift of presence, peace and release. For the past couple of months the thought of perhaps one day being able to do the same thing for others has definitely been floating around in my mind. So this weekend I made my way up to the city to check out a teacher training program - I didn't sign up for anything yet, but feel so satisfied to have taken a step toward doing something that speaks so strongly to me.

2) A Work out less Sunday morning - Most weekends, I pop out of bed and head out the door for a yoga class, a spin class or a run - but today I decided to skip the workout and it felt absolutley glorious to have the extra morning time that would have otherwise been dedicated to sweating, showering and immediately re-fueling my body at home! Joe and I were out the door by 9:30am, and instead of heading to a place to workout, we made a bee line for Philz for heavenly cups of coffee and chai tea. And not only did we get yummy beverages but we ran into two of my favorite peeps - Lindsey and Nate - Happy Sunday Morning indeed! And then it was off with us for a morning of wandering through the Farmer's Market and an art festival.

3) Tending the garden- So I have this lovely friend Laura who, with her boyfriend Julian built a few raised vegetable beds in her backyard and invited the crew to plant some veggies and fruit. Laura was out of town for the weekend, so Joe and I had watering duty and were just delighted to get to go take care of the garden and check out the progress. I feel so lucky to get take part in such a beautiful little community.

Spinach Sprouts

Sunflower sprouts!

Tomato blossoms

Laura's strawberries

Kat and Erik's zucchini blossoms

4) Sharing in a friend's passion - I love experiencing the things that bring people to life. Another good friend of mine is a very talented potter. I think that pottery for her is what yoga is for me. This afternoon, I got to go with her to her pottery studio and see her in action and I even got to get my hands dirty playing with clay and using the pottery wheels to make a bowl! I have to say that I was completely mesmerized by the wheel and the amazing things that you can do with a little clay, a little water and your hands on this thing. My favorite part of the experience was, as Lindsey pointed out, the presence that it demands. There is something about an activity that requires absolute focus that is just so refreshing and life giving. Yoga and Pottery have a lot in common I think :).

5) Watching Loverboy climb a tree - Yup he did - 'cuz he's a stud like that - I love his adventurous and fearless spirit.

Happy, happy, peaceful, fulfilling and joyful week to you!


Hanna's Mommy said...

Soo happy to be "back" and reading about your lovely life and's somehow comforting to me to see that things are the same...and so good!

Thank you so much, friend, for one of the best mixes I've ever heard! I adore it...and you! :)

Blake Bunch said...

And grateful you should be! What a lovely highlight reel!!!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Oh Sadina - it makes my heart sing to hear from you! I hope that you are feeling a little bit better every single day! My thoughts and prayers are still coming your way! I am so glad that you liked the mix! And I am just so impressed with the energy you've mustered up to start blogging again! You are amazing my dear.

And Lisa!!! The mastermind behind the care package - what an amazing person and friend you are!

You ladies inspire me more than you'll ever know!