Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crafterday and a Bruschetta Off

Kat, Lindsey, Laura and I declared yesterday CRAFTERDAY! (Credit to Kat for the name :)). We each packed up a craft project we had been wanting to do and spent the day at Kat and Erik's sewing, beading and painting. My insides have been yearning for a day like this, we literally got to just sit and chat and craft for an entire afternoon, it was wonderful, and I can't think of better company to craft it up with! We spent nearly 12 hours together and I loved every moment of it! Thanks for a wonderful day girls!

Kat has this adorable Scrabble decoration on her table and she created a word appropriate for today!

We kicked off the day with some Mimosas in Mason Jars! I love mason jars :).

Laura sewing and Lindsey painting.

Lindsey's beautiful blending!

My doodle painting.

Relaxing on a blanket on the front lawn after a couple hours of crafting and having some girl talk.

And THEN, we had worked up a big appetite so we had a BRUSCHETTA OFF! That's right, each of the girls created a different kind of Bruschetta and the boys got to be the judges :).

Unfortunately, my camera decided he wanted to run out of batteries at the beginning of the competition, so I don't have pix, but check out Kat's blog for some.

Lindsey's date and toasted almond bruschetta! Yummmmmy!

Lindsey also made a roasted bell pepper bruschetta.

Kat made an award winning salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and dill bruschetta.

Laura made a Blue Cheese and Honey Bruschetta and a Tomato, Corn and Baba Ganoush bruschetta!

Aren't these girls creative? I love it?!

I kept it kind of traditional and went with feta cheese, tomato and avocado.

So much fun and soooo delicious!


Blake Bunch said...

YUM!!! I have never thought of trying different bruschetta mixes! I never knew?! All of them sounded delicious!

As you know I love a crafty day! So glad you got to have one!! I loved your painting!

Anonymous said...

it was SUPER fun. :) yay!