Sunday, September 25, 2011

Keepin' it real

Oh boy oh boy it's been way too long since I've posted - thank you Clare for the little Facebook nudge to get on it :). Dang it, I hate when I let so much time lapse between posts - too darn much happens in the span of 2 weeks to possible update you completely without writing a novel. Joe and I are knee deep in wedding venue searching - no big news to break there yet, but rest assured that they'll be a post when we pick a place and set a date :). I will tell you however that Joe has been the sweetest fiance - he has been such a great partner in the planning process so far and I simply love checking out venues and envisioning our big day together. A couple thoughts on the wedding front - many, many parts of this process have felt extravagant and well, just a little bit crazy. I was telling a co-worker a week or so ago about how part of me felt guilty spending so much money on a single day to which she basically said, "Sarah - it's not every day that you find true love or get to witness true love. Your wedding day is not just about sharing your love with each other but with your family and friends and you just never know what kind of inspiration will spark when people have the chance to witness that. " How sweet - I love that perspective. Also, in my wedding borne addiction to Pinterest, I found a great quote that I'd like to incorporate into some sort of decoration or photo prop for our wedding - it was a simple quote but a true one - "True Love is a big deal." I heart it.

Soooooo, aside from wedding stuff - guess what?!! I got to meet Lisa this weekend! It was just the neatest thing to finally meet a woman who I met through the blogosphere 2 years ago and who has been a constant source of inspiration during that time. She's a simply amazing mother of 4, photographer and creative blogger. She has doubled so much joy and halved so much sorrow and I just feel lucky to know her. She picked out this adorable cafe in Napa which I loved and we sat over a scrumptious veggie omlette and sipped some derwicious chai tea. I came home starving because well, the truth was, we were so busy talking and filling in all the gaps from what we know of each other through our blogs that there just wasn't enough time to eat. It was so fun meeting my modern pen pal - she was just as sweet in person as she is on her blog! Here are a few pics of our brunch spot.

The Boon Fly Cafe. I heart this Barn, maybe Joe and I could just get married in front of that :).

On a side note - our tomatoes are in full force!!! Check out these beauties!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet post!!!!! I love your pictures from our day and as you know I had the absolute best time as well!!! I was starving too, again as you know! Doug said we broke the "first date rule" and we should have only met over chai! :) I have no idea where he picks these things up! :)

I think that quote is awesome and I could see it written on a piece of reclaimed barnwood in my new favorite thing...the chalk board pen!!!!

This wedding is going to be amazing no matter how simple or extravagant it ends up being!

Happy Tuesday!!!! I will try and post today as well! :)

Oh and I am going to need some serious gardening tips when we move because I am so INSPIRED by your garden and it's bounty! ::))