Sunday, August 28, 2011

just weekending y'all

Joe and I have been basking in a couple of open weekends recently. We've been intentional about trying NOT to make plans and well, it's made our weekends feel a little bit more vacationy which is nice. We hve also been feeling like our weekends are so long lately because Joe no longer has all day classes in Berkeley on Saturday. What a difference it makes to have real weekends back. Here's a little bit of what we were up to this weekend...

We started the weekend marveling at these Monster Sunflowers at Hidden Villa gardens.

And soaking up the golden morning sunlight as we moseyed around the grounds.

I love sunshine streaming through trees!

Joe found these hops which made him crave a good home brew session.

I found these old salvaged windows which made me dream of having one of these somewhere in my home in the future.

oooh and I also found this sweet baby goat.

And we both found this sign - good to know, eh?

We spent the afternoon doing some projects around the house - Joe put a "ribbon rack" on the craft rack...

Check out his craftsmanship!

Saturday night we picked up a few heirloom tomatoes and grabbed some basil from our backyard and ....

...grilled this beauty. Joe was the master at figuring out how to control the temperature on the charcoal grill - he's such a stud :).

Couldn't quite use our tomatoes yet, but we will in just a couple weeks - look at those baby tomatoes and all those blossoms!

We topped off the pie with some parm and Bon Apetit!

We concluded the weekend with a pickle making sesh - starting to build our xmas gift giving stash :).

Hope you all had a great weekend! Is it Friday yet?


Pipas para la paz said...

Love it sister!! And loveu too!

Tara said...

What a great weekend!! I love the ribbon rack addition!

Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

I need to get caught up! Another fabulous weekend and blog! The pizza has my mouth watering! I am going to curl up wit a chai when the chores are done and read all that I have missed!