Monday, August 22, 2011

Colorful furniture is just more fun!

On our recent trip to Santa Fe, we happened to be in town for part of an incredible arts and crafts fair called the Spanish Market. My heart skipped a beat when we walked by this stall...

COLORFUL furniture in all sorts of shapes and hues! Cue heart melting ;).
Ever since, Joe and I have been itching to slather up some of our old, boring and just plain ugly pieces of furniture with a little color to give 'em some new life. So, this weekend we made our way out the door on Saturday morning (with Philz in hand, of course) and picked up some paint at the Home Depot to do this..

We added a little sass to this night stand with a fresh coat of red. AND, what's even cooler - you see that bottom shelf? Well, Joe used some scrap wood we had and built that - not too shabby - I think I'll keep that guy around for a while. Now we have double the "storage" space, you know, for important things, like Joe's gameboy.

This former hunk of junk got spruced up with some turquoise - still have some touch ups to do so don't look too close, but I am too impatient to wait until it's finished to post.

And this folks, this is a project that I have Pinterest (and my super cute handyman Joe) to thank for - I have been antsy about getting some of my craft supplies organized so that they're not cluttering up shelf space in our "junk" room which I hope to turn shortly into a "craft" room. This is what it looks like right now...

It's still a work in progress, but I'm already over the moon for my new space to store paints :). I'm hoping to get that dowel on the dresser up for ribbon storage soon and I'll be scheming about how to create space for some stationery, knick-knacks etc. Stay tuned for updates :).

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Tara said...

Nothing better than fixing up an old piece of furniture and making it your own. It looks great you two!