Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Planning weekend

My dear, dear friend Lindsey is getting married this summer and I just couldn't be happier/more excited for her and her fiance Nate. I just love both Lindsey and Nate as individuals and together I think they make one of the greatest couples I know. They've got six months to the big day, so I'll save some of the sap for a little bit closer to the actual date but, this weekend Lindsey rounded upthe friend star as we call ourselves or the bay area UPS alumni book club as Jack calls us and we got down to business - Lindsey and Nate have done so much work planning already and it was so fun and such an honor to have Lindsey ask us all for some help! We spent an entire 24 hours together - which meant girls sleepover!!! How fun is that?! We visited the park where the day before picnic will take place, we saw the venue, took some table measurements, did some dress shopping, purchased a few succulents for dreaming up centerpieces with, watched 3 girly wedding movies, had a big finnish pancake breakfast and then hit up a local bridal fair for some more inspiration.

The pre-wedding picnic site where we picnic lunched and got our brains in wedding mode.

At the dress whisperer's dress shop!

Wedding movies galore - boys don't get too jealous of this one :).

Blog/website inspiration.

Centerpiece brainstorming.

Lindsey's homemade Finnish pancake - how fancy is that?!

Succulent breakfast table!

At the bridal fair.

Love, love, love these girls and am so excited for the journey leading up to the big day for Lindsey and Nate!


laura said...

That photo of us laughing is perfect. Will you send that to me please?

Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

HOW FUN!!!! Seriously, what an awesome friendship you girls have! What an awesome weekend just for the girls!!! I have a tip!!! A wedding planning tip!! Check out photography blogs of professional wedding photographers...they always post pics of the theme's of the weddings they shoot and there are some really great ideas to be had!! Also, go to Young House Love blog and they have a whole section on their backyard super cheap BUT BEAUTIFUL wedding! Sorry I am so late to blog doesn't let me see if there is a new post. :(

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

ooooh Lisa - thank you so much for the lovely wedding planning tips - I'll pass these on to Lindsey and I can't wait to check out Young House love myself! Oh and by the way, No apologizing allowed! You just rest up my dear!!! Hug to you and love tap to Henry!

Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

You are sooo welcome!!!! Have such a good day friend!!!!