Sunday, January 9, 2011

Luxuriously lazy Sunday

I just love a good, lazy Sunday - lovely way to spend the day after a week of readjusting to the working world. Especially when it follows a fun filled Saturday spent coaching some 8th grade girls bball players, hosting the friend star's THIRTEENTH book club and dinner dating with loverboy at NOLAs in Palo Alto. Joe and I woke up leisurely this morning and made our way out for one of our favorite runs - Windy Hill! It was a gorgeous day out on the trails. Lots of runners, hikers and bikers playing in the sunshine. After a good 2 week holiday break, Joe and I felt rejuvenated and energized on our sometimes extremely painful 2.5 mile uphill run :). When we got to the top today, we could see all of Palo Alto and we had gorgeous views of the ocean - it looked so close we cold even see the waves breaking. We were up high where the clouds are and they were blowing through the pine trees and the wispy whites and greens made my heart melt - sometimes the clouds looked like waterfalls between the trees - what a fun reward for a hard, uphill run! After our run we treated ourselves to Philz - nothing like a cup of caffeine to replenish the muscles :). This evening we cooked up a pot of Cioppino soup, a recipe that I recently saw Giada make and mmmmm, mmmmm, it was good! Spicy Italian Sausage, some shrimp, fennel, shallots, tomato paste and basil - Yummmy!

And since I haven't posted any pictures of my holiday break, I thought I'd tack a couple on here. I have to admit, I was a bad photographer while I was at home this year, so there are just a few...

Christmas Eve with the fam.

Annual F4L holiday get together.

The sister and I at Sushi dinner.

Joe and I got to head out to Tahoe for our first XC skiing adventure together and my first time EVER on skis! We had an absolutely gorgeous weather day - a blue bird powder day as Joe calls 'em. Pristine snow and crystal clear skies! It took me a while to get the hang of it and well I fell my fair share of times, but I'm excited to get back out there and try again some day!

Winter wonderland!!! Being a So.Cal girl, the snow is a whole new world for me, I was absolutely awe-struck by the beauty it creates!

Warm thermos of hot cocoa that Joe packed! We busted it out on the trails and had some left over for the car ride home - such a simple but wonderful and WARM sweet treat!


Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

YAY! Holiday pictures!!! I was beginning to think that we weren't going to get a glimpse!!! Your family is as adorable as ever! SO ARE YOU!!! Shame on you for being in Tahoe again! :) jk...but we would make a fabulous little pit stop for you!!! I actually only XS skied once as a teenager but I loved it!

Your Sunday sounds AWESOME! I was just telling Doug the other day about how much I wish we were one of the couples that could set out on a run together! Only problem is, he runs and I don't really. But it's a goal for 2011 to at least be able to hang for 2 miles! :)

Loved our chat the other day! That was too funny! Hopefully you weren't holding on for two long while Doug and I chatted away. :)

Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

Ok, obviously Tanner's still signed into his computer class blog. Oooops! :)

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Awww Lisa, you're just the sweetest and always make me smile! I know, I am sorry we didn't stop in on our way back from Tahoe, the two times that we have passed your town, I have told Joe that is where you live and how I can't wait to get together!

Love the 2011 running goals, but first, you focus on taking care of yourself and Henry!

I loved our impromptu chat too! Oh, we make me laugh! I wasn't on the phone too long at all and hearing your sweet voice was worth the wait anyways!