Sunday, December 20, 2009

The perfect start....

Oh 2 weeks of vacation - you couldn't come soon enough, but, you're here!!! And yes, I am crazy and at the office on a Sunday morning, but I just have a few loose ends that I want to tie up so I can fully relax over the break.

So I know I should be working and not wasting time blogging but I just had to get a little blog in, because, it's been a lovely first couple of days of break despite the work part today and I'm going to burst if I don't share a little bit about it.

Friday was a complete whirlwind, about 30 hours of work and only 8 hours to do it in - scratch that make it 6 hours, because our director took us out for a TWO HOUR lunch which was lovely, but is also the reason that I am here in the office today (working really hard as you can tell :)).

And well, apparently there is no rest for the weary because, Friday night I raced home for the famous Latke Party being hosted by my lovely second family. In the words of Kat, it was "epic." About 30 people filing through the house, noshing on Melinda's incredible home made latkes and Barry's famous home made apple sauce. There's something pretty darn magical about a house full of people eating delicious homemade food and I have to say I feel pretty lucky to have been part of the latke event on Friday night.

I got a little teary eyed thinking about how lovely it was yesterday morning as I woke up. I don't know how I got lucky enough to have this family come into my life, one day there will be a very in depth blog about just what an amazing family they are and how they have taken me in as one of their own, and how I just think it's one of the neatest little things in this big world. And then I got even more teary thinking about how welcoming and open they are to my friends and the way they just kind of make everyone in their lives feel like family. I love that the world of my second family and the world of my bay area friends got to come together on Friday night, such a warm fuzzy feeling.

And what I am about to write, I probably shouldn't, because it's maybe a little to0 private for this public blog, but gosh darn it, this is my blog and so I just have to get in a little snippet about yesterday. I'll keep it short and sweet - I got to spend a lovely day with an awesome guy out in nature, eating some delicious food and, well, it was lovely and that's all I will say about that for right now.

So despite the fact that I am in the office this morning and lacking sleep, I have to say my heart is full, I've got a big vanilla chai by my side and it's been a pretty darn good first few days of break.


Blake Bunch said...

I am so excited for you about (the boy:)) your two week break! I hope that it feels like a lifetime to you!!! I can't wait to read that extended blog one day about your special family! I am guessing that they might feel like the lucky ones though considering how sweet you are!!!

Hanna's Mommy said...

A two weeker sounds divine and I think you've kicked it off just about as perfectly as you can!

Looking forward to reading more about your much-deserved holiday break! :)