Monday, November 2, 2009

Simple Pleasures abounding...

It's funny how every now and then you get one of those weeks where it seems like everywhere you turn you are surrounded by life's simple pleasures---well, I'm in one and I'm soaking up every moment while it lasts! I have actually been wanting to share since last week at this time, but man life has been busy lately and between posts about Yosemite and Halloween---the simple pleasures took a back seat last's to never forgetting them for too long :)...

1) Inspirational Speakers
2) Italian accents
3) Confident, gutsy people
4) Pigeon pose in Yoga
5) Lunches with the boss
6) Social media conferences in the city
7) Home grown pumpkins
8) Getting a hair cut
9) Pumpkin Pancakes
11) Kind words from Kat.
12) Monday night picnics outside of Jordan hall with Lindsey.
13) Fally soups and OLIVE bread
14) Discovering new places - Menlo Park Tech Shop
15) Being reminded that sometimes it's best to JUST DIVE IN.
16) Enthusiasm that's contagious.

I think I could keep going for a while here, but it's past my bed time.

Sweet dreams world.

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