Saturday, September 13, 2008

Once a logger, always a logger...

Once a lute's enough!

haha, sorry for the cheezy old bball saying from my college days at the wonderful University of Puget Sound but I got to meet up with a big group of former loggers and logger family members today and so this stuff is just fresh in my mind.

Dale Chihuly, a well known glass blowing artist currently has an exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, so Aaron (a fellow '04 UPS alum) and I planned to have private docent tour of the exhibit for about 40 of us.

We planned a happy hour in the city a few months back, but this was our first attempt at a bit of a larger event and all in all, despite a few financial bumps along the way, I'd have to say the event was a big success.

We met at the museum at 8 am and provided bagels and coffee and orange juice for everyone and then at 9 had a docent tour of the exhibit. People came from all over they bay area; mountain view, fremont, manteca, antioch...pretty impressive for such an early morning event, especially on a Saturday.

It made me so happy this morning to see how excited the attendees were. We have been trying to grow our logger community in the bay area and I feel like this event really sparked some interest.

Here are some pics of our morning.

The whole crew in front of the DeYoung with our bagel and coffee buffet.


studio wellspring said...

u.p.s. is my alma mater too! what years did you attend? i graduated in '97, from the int'l political economy dept. how exciting to meet a fellow blogger & logger! ;o)

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Hey Studio Wellspring, I graduated in 2004 and was also an IPE major...gotta love Mike Veseth! I can't lie I think I found your blog through a UPS alum. website back in January and have since been very inspired by your blog. It's so great to see an IPE major who is now working as an interior designer!!! I love it!