Tuesday, March 4, 2008

thoughtful traveling

i read an article about the purpose and aim of travel for rick steves ( a semi famous travel writer) yesterday that really resonanted with my personal perspective on travel.

i have to start off my saying that i am not someone who enjoys a resort type vacation. i know there are many people in this world who really love indulging in pure leisure vacations where you are treated and fed like royalty--but to be honest, that kind of travel bores me and leaves me feeling unfulfuilled. i understand that people work very hard and so when they vacation they just want to do something relaxing and mindless--however, that mentality is just not in my blood.

vacation or travel to me is about the freedom to experience. travel to me is about the freedom to veer from my everyday routine and to learn and better understand myself and the world around me.

In his article Rick Steeves talks about how typical american vacations do not help to bring us closer to the rest of the world, they only serve to further distance us from the world. I want to do the type of traveling that brings me closer.

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