Monday, March 3, 2008

the joy of finding a new run!!

call me crazy but another thing that tops my list of things that i love is finding a new run. i recently found a website for a running club in san francisco and they have a bunch of different races and race courses posted. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today so I decided to try one of the out. The course is called the Twin Peaks loop. It's a lush, green, uphill run with the most spectacular views of the city at the top as your reward!

on my existing list of favorite runs around the world, this one ranks pretty high on the list. I am so excited to find a green, hilly running oasis around here to replace my blue sky runs in san diego, my point defiance runs in tacoma, and my sengen shrine and abekawa river runs in shizuoka.

Here is the website for the running website...

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