Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coffee Shop Exploring..

Here is a glimpse into my favorite coffee shop so far in San Francisco. It is called Jovino and is on Union Street in the middle of a very yuppie little shopping district. I met up with an old UPS friend here and it was love at first chai :)--which is of course what I had to drink. The menu has all kinds of sandwiches and salads and coffee drinks and wine too though and I most definitey will be heading back to try something new soon. Another big plus is they have free wireless internet so you can bring along your laptop and camp out all day.

It's places like this that make me love the coffee shop culture and since I associate that with my time in Tacoma and Seattle, this place brought back wonderful memories of that part of my life. I was also totally inspired by the decor---total rustic look---old doors and wooden bordered frames and mirrors hanging in contrasting and warm colors.

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