Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what is fun for me lately?

I took a class tonight about having fun. Sounds kind of cheesy but i actually provided some good questions for reflection. I'm too good and putting off what's fun for what needs to get done and so I appreciate being asked to answer the question, What is Fun for you lately? Not a lot of surprises here, these are the things that usually work my way into my long neglected simple pleasure lists - a good reminder of what to work towards intentionally building into my life on a more regular basis...

1) taking cool pictures
 2) adventure car-ing and stopping for whatever piques my interest
3) Drinking chai tea
4) going to Funky coffee shops
5) yoga
6) blogging
7) trying new, cool things
8) learning new, cool things
9) exploring new cities
10) exploring old places and finding something new
11) finding the perfect gift for someone
12) reading up on yoga teacher training programs
13) watching parenthood
14) reading up on Masters in Public Health programs
15) listening to Dave Brubeck
16) coming across an inspiring quote or passage in a book
17) hearing someone's inspirational life story and then feeling like I could do the same thing
18) getting a facial
19) going for a leisurely walk in our neighborhood
20) mentally pinning cool home decoration ideas
21) organizing stuff
22) making lists
23) lifting weights
24) reading about Buddhism

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Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

Go to funky coffee shops!! I am there!!! :)