Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sister weekend

The sisters were in town last weekend and despite a little sister drama (I'm sorry for being a bratty older sister Jess - I love you!), it felt really special to get some time with both of our sisters together! It was the first time that Jess and Clare got to meet and we had lots to celebrate and lots of wedding stuff to talk about and do. We ate yummy food all weekend and never went long without something delicious to drink! We hit up our favorite local restaurant, one of our favorite tea places in San Francisco and a pretty sweet 1920'sish speakeasy in the city that requires a password to get in! We talked flowers and shopped and bought dresses for the wedding for the girls, folded cranes and made LOTS of jars of strawberry jam! We picnicked at our wedding spot and walked the girls through our developing visions for our big day. I failed to capture EVERYTHING that we did, but here are a few shots of the weekend. Thank you Jess and Clare for spending a weekend with us and getting excited about our big day with us!

First night in town - celebration dinner at a favorite local spot- lots of yummy food and good drinks! Congrats to Joe and Clare on new jobs and Happy Bday to Jess!

Scoping out the Flower Mart in San Francisco - this is where I'll be sending Jess and Clare with big buckets of water to load up on lots of pretty flowers the day before the BIG day.

An inevitable stop at Philz for a cuppa coffee.

Showing the girls our wedding venue!!! I just love all that bamboo and can't believe we get to get married with all that beautifulness surrounding us :).

Sisters rock!!! I love you both!

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Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

AAAWWWW!!!! YAY!!!! I have been checking in all weekend hoping for a new post!!! So happy to see your smiling face!!! You are so sweet...truly!!!

What beautiful sisters and all of us get bratty from time to time! :) The good news is that sister's are very forgiving! :)

Every time I see something to do with your wedding I freak out!!! I am so excited!!! I know I probably say it too much! I love all of your pins and I can't wait to see this glorious day come together!!!