Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank you 2011.

For health, love and good friends.

For visits from Mom and Dad, Clare, Mark and Rachel, Niki and Ryan and Christina and Lane.

For a firm hand shake from the President himself and for almost getting to touch Joshua Radin -ha!

For moving in to a sweet home with my love and getting to start each day beside him and to end each day coming home to him.

For celebrating the marriage of two dear friends, Lindsey and Nate.

For introduction to the practice of meditation.

For the opportunity to see beautiful new parts of the country in Santa Fe and Crestone.

For the joy of watching tomatoes grow. And then eating them in all sorts of forms - like candy straight off the vine, in sauces, soups etc.!!!

For my own engagement story, more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

For the new family that comes along with marrying Joe!

For Kat and Laura's engagement - it's so nice to have friends to go through the wedding planning process with.

For finding a beautiful wedding venue and having a family that constantly reminds me how excited they are to celebrate the love Joe and I share.

For the third annual Yosemite trip and Friendsgiving - Friend star and Friend star husbands and fiances - you continue to be such a bright spot in my life.

For a successful meeting of the parents at Thanksgiving in San Diego and loving and warm future in-laws.

For another opportunity to work with young women on the basketball floor - even if we haven't won a game yet :).

For reminding me that trying to arrive 5 minutes early has incredible stress reducing effects.

For a week on the road with my fiance visiting and basking in time spent with our growing family and friends.

For reminding me that relationships of all kinds take constant care to maintain but that if you care for relationships properly, they can be one of the greatest sources of joy in your life.

Happy 2012! Here's to a year of celebrating love (we have 6 weddings to attend so far!) and nurturing the relationships that bring joy to my life, including the one with myself.

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