Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just a teaser...

Lisa - aka Super Mom of 4 - aka Photographer extraordinaire just posted a photo from our Engagement shoot last weekend. Lisa totally gave us the royal treatment last weekend. We arrived at her place at 1 to apple pie and coffee. After meeting the fam and chowing on some sweet treats we went to check out the photo site she had staked out - it was ABSOLUTELY perfect for us! She even found a couple posts that we could rig our mason jar lanterns from! She let me crash her bathroom to get ready. She spent two hours with us shooting hundreds of photos. She actually laid all the way down on her stomach on the road and on a grassy/weedy field to try to get the best possible shot of us. And to top it all off she tasked her sweet husband and kiddos to prep dinner for us when we returned! Here's a quick look!

We love it Lisa!!!!

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Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

Aaaaaw! I just saw this!!!! You are so sweet!!!!

I would love to point out how AMAZING the two of you are!!!! Bringing us fresh delicious bread, the best cupcakes we have ever had, and a bottle of wine to boot!

We had so much fun with you guys!!!!