Friday, July 22, 2011

he's done, (I feel like WE are done!)

Let's face it, this past year was a team effort! But yay! We just got home from Joe's last grad school celebration, he got the official okay on his thesis and wam, bam, thank you ma'am he's f***ing (sorry for the profanity, but this is a big deal!) done!!! Yay, we get Saturday afternoons back - real two day weekends people. AMEN! In all seriousness though, I truly couldn't be any prouder of my man stud for getting through this year and balancing his roles as math teacher, department chair, grad student, job seeker, boyfriend, friend, brother, son etc as amazingly as he did! Joe got awarded the Happy Feet award tonight by his grad school classmates because you can't contain his feet (apparently he's got some rockin' dance moves) or his SPIRIT - and that's the truth- that guy has got an unbelievable amount of passion, enthusiasm and life inside of him - I'm so lucky to witness it!

on a totally unrelated note, here's the song of the day...

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