Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simple Pleasures

* A good night sleep after a relaxing massage.

* Good energy as a result of a good night sleep and a relaxing massage.

* Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap - so refreshing in the morning!

* Roasted red peppers

* Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea

* Yummy leftovers that only require a little heating up after a long day

* Seeing a light bulb go on when one of my 8th grade bball players gets a new concept and does it right on the floor!

* Thank yous from the girls after our game last night. PS - We won :).

* Having a girl ask - Coach, do you know what the score of the Duke, UCONN game is? I love that they are into college bball!

* Having an old high school coach who I can go to for offensive strategy advice.

* Running through possible strategies to prepare for the next team that we play.

--can you tell I love this coaching stuff :)?

Happy Tuesday!


Tanner Blake's Blog for school. said...

I love your simple pleasures lists! I heart dr. bronners pep soap too and roasted red peppers!

I love basketball and I love your heart for those girls and for coaching!!! I signed Kennedy up a few years ago and she just doesn't have it. :) She was passing the ball to the other team because she felt bad for them! :))) Maybe my long legged Maysyn will be a fit! :)

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Lisa - I just love that Kennedy was passing to the other team b/c she felt bad for them - what a sweet heart :). Yes, maybe Maysyn will be your bball superstar :). Hi and hugs to you and Henry!