Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simple Pleasures

1) Extra date nights with loverboy because yay! his semester is over!

2) Watching Glee on the night it airs instead of Tivo-ing and watching when loverboy finally has a night off.

3) Champagne with a maraschino cherry

4) Holiday cards - I love all the photos and year updates!

5) Wine lite cubes

6) Sharing Laura's amazing pomegranate, grapefruit salad with co-workers and getting loads of compliments!

7) Incredibly generous donation from an F4L sibling for the family that we are "adopting" for Christmas.

8) Arriving home to a package on my front door - yay my holiday cards are here!

9) A boyfriend who always answers the phone saying, Hello beautiful.


Blake Bunch said...

My lovely Sarah!!!! I have been absent for a good feels weird to post it here but I dont know how long I will feel good enough to be online. I just realized that you wouldn't have been contacted. I am in the ICU because I have been having some serious complications since Sunday. Baby is fine, just need to get me stable. I miss your blog and you, so that's what is going on. You can text me 916-257-8650 and if I can't update you Doug can. :)

I just found out there is wifi in the hospital! Like I said I am not usually up to being on the computer, just know that I am thinkin of you!

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Oh Lisa! I'm keeping you in my prayers and sending so much positive energy your way. I love, love, love you - Stay Strong!!! Thank you for letting me know, I will be texting for updates - you don't worry about thinking about me my dear - you just focus all your energy on getting healthy!!!! So many hugs to you!

Blake Bunch said...

Thanks Sarah! I am feeling your prayers! Love love love you too!!!